Sunday, 29 April 2012

The Beginning

After nearly 19 years of carp fishing I have decided that it's about time I created some kind of record of my angling. I have so many amazing memories of being by the water, some of the best days and nights of my life have been behind my rods. From the beautiful rising of the sun as the carp start feeding, to the painful 4 night sessions in the heart of winter where only slight insanity keeps you pinned to the bank side waiting for the elusive "One Toner".

Having been a drummer all my life I have spent the majority of my time touring and gigging, locked in recording studios and damp, dark rehearsal rooms. For me the water has always been a great escape and a place I could sit and get lost in my surroundings.

I have watched how carp fishing has developed through the years since I started and it really seems to be a boom industry, I am not seeking fame or fortune, to be the biggest or the best, for me it's in the blood, part of who I am. The aspect that drives me is the thinking, the feeling, being at one with yourself and standing face to face with the unknown and the unexpected.  

It's the process and in many ways the science that I enjoy the most, every time you cast into the depths that spread before you, a new series of possibilities awaken and at any given moment you could come face to face with a dream. Be it a 5IB scamp or a 50IB beauty, every fish that graces your net is special and gives you a pure sense of accomplishment. Then handling something so untamed, so wild, is exhilarating to say the least, and at the end of this process, having the pleasure of releasing your prize back home, it's almost spiritual in its action.      

Today as much as any time in the past I am still truly at home by the water, it's a place where I feel at peace.

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