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Chelmsford Angling Association - Braxted Reservoir Part 2

In is blog entry I am going to document my second session on the Braxted reservoir, if you didn't check out part one you can read it here Braxted Reservoir Part 1. I am not going to go in to a huge amount of detail about my approach, it's exactly the same as my previous session. I wanted to get two solid sessions underneath my belt before exploring other parts of the water. I was working on the basis that if I approached it in the same way as I did last time, I should get a similar result.

This time around I was lucky enough to get the swim I was in last time, the plan was to fish in to the silt that ran along the dam wall. I arrived at the water for 10:30am. Before getting my rods out I decided to take a slow walk around the rest of the lake, I wanted to try and clock a few tasty looking spots for the future. 

There were a few marginal areas that looked great, I made a mental note with the consideration of giving them a good going over in the future. I am starting to feel that the reservoir could end up being an awesome venue for margin fishing. There are little to no features in the open water and with the abundance of overhanging trees it was clear to me that these were all potential fish holding areas.

View From The Swim
Once back in my swim I wasted no time in getting my kit set up, I replaced both my hook links with new ones and got the rods bang on the spots on the first cast. Once the bobbins were set I then proceeded to bait up the area heavily, once again I opted to use the Coconut Fish and Halibut & Coconut combined. This seems to be a very effective combination, both rods were fishing pop ups, they were set just a fraction off the bottom.

Starmers Coconut Fish Pop Ups

It really didn't take very long for the action to kick in and before I knew it I was in to my first hard fighting carp. It felt heavy and I had a feeling it could be a beauty, after a brutal fight I netted an immaculate looking common, scales fell to 19IB.

19IB Of Perfection
It really was one hell of a carp and it was spotless, everything about it was perfect. Wasting no time I got her back and proceeded to top up the swim, spreading the bait all around the area. I wanted to hold the fish and get them in to a solid rhythm of moving between the baits and sucking them up. Twenty minutes of so passed before the same rod was off again, I got a vicious drop back, I wound in the slack fast and was connected to my second fish of the session - things were off to a flying start. Once again, the fight was immense and I soon had another carp in the net, scales sunk to 14IB.

A Vicious Drop Back Resulted In Another Beauty
Once slipped back I went through the same process, the rig went back out followed by another load of bait. This time I was spreading it a good few meters around the spot. Things slowed up for a while, I knew there were still fish in the zone so I just sat on my hands. Liners were starting to occur so I knew it was just a matter of time. After about an hour, sure enough, the same rod was off again, it was another ripping take and after a modest wrestling match I had another clean common, this fished weighed in at 13IB on the button

Another On The Coconut Fish
Again, I went through the same process, rig went out and then the bait, by this time fish were actually topping and kicking up over the spot. It was crazy, they were really digging for the bait and I got liners within a few seconds of the lead hitting the bottom. All the fish were coming off the right hand rod, this was the rod I was casting at a very tight angle. With the help of my chest waders I was able to get the bait where others can't cast. 

It really goes to show that the carp aren't stupid, in theory my left had rod was in the perfect place but I feel it's a spot that's fished a lot and the carp obviously avoid it. It really starts to make you think about things in a different way and how important it is to find an area that the fish feel comfortable to feed in. I have come to learn that just because carp are showing in a certain place on the lake, it doesn't mean they're actually feeding there. On this occasion they obviously were but there have been countless times in the past where I have been on the fish and couldn't get a bite for love nor money.

I Hope The Theory Below Makes Sense To You

"The way I see it is, comparing that theory to humans, when we find a restaurant that we enjoy the food in, we will travel to go there. Just because, on route to that specific restaurant, we are seen checking other menus in the windows of other eating establishments, doesn't mean we are going to be stopping at each of them to have dinner, we are simply passing and showing a little interest in the other options that are available to us, before heading to the one that we enjoy eating in"

Before I knew it the same rod was off again, this fish was flying all over the show, a little mirror surfaced and literally threw itself in the net. I didn't weigh this fish but I guessed it was a smattering under double figures.

A Next Generation Braxted Mirror
It's been said that there aren't a great deal of mirrors in the water, actually all the Chelmsford waters contain predominately common carp. This might not have been a particularly big fish but I was pleased to catch it none the less. After slipping her back the rod was straight back out, this time I didn't put anymore bait out, I was pretty sure that the fish were holding solid and I was hoping to get really quick bites from this point onwards, due to the fact that the amount of freebies were now at a minimum.

To my surprise the next rod to go was the left one, finally some action off this spot. This fish felt very heavy and was peeling the line off the spool with ease, it was a long and drawn out fight. The energy and determination this fish was showing was nothing short of amazing. She eventually tired and I was left looking at a big fat common in the net, scales sank to 21IB 5oz, what a result.

Another Big Common Caught From The Soft Stuff
I was so pleased with this fish and it was totally unexpected, the day was passing and I only had a few hours remaining, I felt I was still good for another fish or two. After the cast, the rod literally shot off on the drop, before I knew what the hell was going on I was in to yet another fish. It was a nice steady plod, all the fish I have had so far have been such hard fighters. The carp surfaced and I caught a glimpse of a lovely looking mirror, it was honey colored. Eager to get her in, I gently kept the pressure on, eventually I slipped her in to the net, she was 17IB exactly, and what a fish she was.

A Unique Honey Colored Mirror
By this time the session was coming to an end, I slowly started to get my kit together, whilst doing so I had one last take which bought the session to an end in true fashion. It was a common of 16IB, a fish that looked like it had just spawned with a very broad back.

A Carp For The Closing Of The Day
Summing up, it was another great session, next time I pay the water a visit I want to try a totally different area, I'd love to pick off one of the bigger girls and I sense they could be hanging out away from the main bulk of fish. Before I come back I am wanting to give Braxted front lake a go and continue my quest on Wick Mere, Wick is putting me through the ringer at the moment but I am determined to get in to one of those long dark commons.

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