Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Capturing Moments, The Carp Catcher Steven Whitby

Many times on and off through my life I have often wondered how many moments have passed me by completely unnoticed, what is a moment ? is it something we see, hear or feel. Moments to me are feelings, I started to become sensitive to this way of thinking through my drumming, I spent all my time relying on a moment of inspiration to hit me, the most powerful and recent one being the drum beat to the Dogs song "The Cost Of Loving", that came to me as I was walking back to bed after getting up for a short while because I couldn't sleep. 

How many of us let moments pass us by without even giving them the time of day. I use to imagine I had a camera eye and with each blink a moment was captured, put in a jar and stored somewhere deep in my mind. I've spent all my life looking ahead instead of taking in the now, I remember seeing a documentary about Steve Mcqueen and one point about him that struck me was a term he used that "He Could Relax In Speed", in many ways I felt a connection with that statement, I think it's important to leave yourself open for every moment to reach you rather looking over the shoulder of it.

Dogs The Cost Of Loving 

My Moments Captured

A Brief Musical Moment Captured

This brings me on to my next little piece, "The Carp Catcher" Steven Whitby, here is a man that has captured so many beautiful and unique moments that it really is an inspiration. There is an essence deep within carp fishing that I believe has been lost as the sport itself has become so popular. It seems it's all about size, how big the fish is, what tackle you've got, how many 20's and 30's are in the lakes, so many times when I've been by a lake and I get a take someone always calls out "how big is it mate", that's not what it's all about, it's about something far deeper than that, Steve Whitby captures the honesty within carping, the very simple feeling of being, living each moment and nurturing the next one. There's a method to enjoyment.

You can check him out here
I highly recommend his Youtube channel.

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