Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Carpy Chris Leads And Tackle

Like all anglers I am always looking for something new to incorporate into my fishing. The one element of my rigs that I put great thought in to are the leads that I use, there's so many on the market all different shapes and sizes. When I was younger I remember making my own ones out of small rocks by drilling a hole and glueing the swivel in place, I caught a fair few fish with them, I still have them in my lead bag today and they continue to help nail me fish. 

I recently read an article stating that plain leads are the ones that are the hardest to see on the lake bed, I found this rather odd and have to say that I don't agree. I have always worked on the basis that the more 'natural' you can make things look, the better. I want something that blends into the lake bed and its environment.

I stumbled across 'Carpy Chris' on the web and was instantly drawn to how unique his leads were. I have been looking for inline weed leads for ages and he has such an amazing selection. I ordered eight of them and on my first trip out caught some good fish, I love the way the rig looks and sits on the bottom. The weed leads blended in with the debris really well. They're so realistic I put one down whilst re-rigging and couldn't find it again.

Lots To Choose From

All Different Colours 

All Different Shapes & Sizes

I Love The Camo Leads

The Formidable Weed Collection

Two Tone Pears

Quality Inlines 

Take a look for yourself, leads are something that can be easily overlooked. I don't tend to complicate things with my rigs but I do take time to make sure everything is tight to the bottom and remains as undetectable as possible. I believe with this view, more fish will be visiting the bank.

Give-em a go for yourself and see how you get on.
Carpy Chris Website

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