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Blunts Mere Part 1 'Great Sport & Great Fun'

Every so often I really enjoy going and just 'catching', not every session has to be like cracking the enigma code. A fair few of the waters I fish are challenging with lots of different aspects to consider and overcome. I don't like just sticking to one water, I like to focus on a series of different ones at the same time. It keeps you on your toes and I get a huge inner feeling of accomplishment when I can see that my results are consistent everywhere I go. "Runs Waters" .. so to speak, play an important part in the overall equation. For me they are a chance to try and test new things, hone your approach and basically go through the process of catching, landing and releasing, this is a sequence that I never tire of.

New Waters

To an abundance of carp anglers out there that are forever chasing the numbers, these specific types of lakes are known as 'Noddy Waters' or being full of 'pasties'. To be honest, these two terms don't register in my carp fishing vocabulary, and I find this viewpoint borderline pathetic. The way I see it is, all big carp were small once and whatever level your angling may be at, we all have to start somewhere. I for one have learnt a great deal by fishing what I describe as "the more productive waters", I don't do it much but when I do there is a reason. 

Grow Your Hair

For instance I've learnt a huge amount about hair length and I was surprised at just how long you can get away with having them. I have caught loads of 2IB to 3IB carp on really long hairs, when I took this finding and introduced it into my general fishing, all my hook holds have been spot on and I can't remember the last time a carp slipped the hook on me. 

Without 'Runs Waters' I never would of developed this along with other little tweaks and changes that I have applied to my rigs through the years. The aspect that I find really interesting about rigs is the fact that the smallest of changes can have such a drastic effect on the way they work. For me there is a time and a place for all waters, they all contribute to the bigger picture .... and what a beautiful picture it can be. 

View From The Moon

Blunts Mere is on the Chelmsford ticket and I was eager to do a few sessions, the next series of blogs will be accounting for a short number of two hour trips. Work has been somewhat hectic lately and my angling has been comfortably moulding around it, each feed the other and my perspective has been very clear over the past few months.

On my first session I arrived at the water for 2pm, it's been very hot so I have opted to fish the latter part of the days. The lake is very scenic, sunken deep in the Essex countryside, there are lots of lovely margin spots with loads of nooks and crannies for the carp to haul up in. 

I walked the lake and saw evidence of the carp being on the front of the warm wind that was pushing down in to the front part of the lake. They were just below the surface. I decided not to go for them in the upper layers and stick to my plan of fishing on the bottom. I was planning to keep my approach very simple and I certainly wasn't going to over complicate anything. I would shoot for the obvious spots and keep the bait going in.

Lots Of Tempting Spots
The two baits I had chosen to use were Starmers Tiger Nut and Maple and the new Mexican Hemp, the Mexican Hemp is still in it's trial stages and doesn't officially go on sale until next year. Combined with this I was fishing Hot Chilli Hemp, this created a really spicy smell. I think this season I am going to incorporate more spicy types of boilies into my fishing, I have always stuck to the fruity and the fishy flavors, I want to start to experiment a little. 

Hot Chilli Hemp

After having a little lead around it was clear that there was a fair few hard spots, the center of the lake was a little softer with some light debris. I opted for bottom baits on both rods. My rig was semi-fixed, I was using a 2oz inline lead, fishing blow-back style. Again it was nothing complicated, I admit though that all my rigs have to be super tidy, all the components need to visually sit together well. 

I tend to stray away from generic looking leads and any sort of quick link, the rig has got to be clean. I feel too many links and bits and bobs can cause problems. Also the less items there are on a rig that can look unnatural on the lake bed, the better. I still can't determine if the carp refuses to pick the bait up because of a warning visually or if it's an inner sense to the fact that something is wrong.

Simple Bottom Bait Rig
You will see in the picture above that I am using pear shaped rig rings. I use the largest size I can get, I find this adds just a little extra when it comes to the free movement of the bait. I want it to act as natural as possible. The hook-link is semi-stiff and is coated in Krystons 'Drop-Em' tungsten putty. This is a product that you use to help the braid sink faster, you simply run the hook-link material through it. Doing this leaves a thin layer of tungsten on your hook-link. This is especially useful if you are using a super supple material. Once it's on gently rub it up and down with your fingers, it's a great little touch to help make sure that your hook-link is flat on the deck.

Kryston Drop-Em

The swim that I picked had a few good features to go at and being on the front of the wind I felt like I was in the right place. There was a narrow channel to the left of me, I was going to place a bait right up in it, smack bang underneath the overhanging branches. My right hand rod was going to be in the open water, pretty much in the centre, I spotted a lot of fizzing going on. 

View From The Swim
I got both rods on the spots, put my back leads on, sorted the bobbins, and within second the left hand rod tore off. I was taken by surprise, this was probably one of the quickest runs I'd had. I gently lent into the fish, before long I was looking at my 'debut' common carp from Blunts. I didn't bother weighing her, today was about the sport, enjoyment and the process.

A Quick Common
Before I even managed to get the rod back out, my right hand one was away, the fish shot like a rocket all over the show, I soon netted a lovely dark looking common. It was looking like it was going to be a good first session.

Clean Colours 
To Be Continued

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