Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Carp Craze PVA 'The Future'

It's become pretty clear over the past months that I am bordering on becoming a bit of a PVA junkie, I use it in a lot of different ways. Not only is it great in masking the hook, it's brilliant for stopping tangles. With the use of PVA nuggets in a funnel web or solid bag, you can change your rig mechanics and presentation.

I have tried most PVA products on the market with varied results, I have encountered a fair few issues. The main few being residue left on the hook, nuggets either coming off on the cast or not dissolving and funnel web tearing when knotting down tight. The 'mainstream' PVA is really very expensive taking into account it doesn't exactly last that long if you're using it on every cast.

I came across Carp Craze on the Internet, their products looked great for really reasonable prices, I thought I'd order some treats and give them a go. When I received my order not only did it arrive super quick, the amount I got for the money was inspiring. At first inspection I noticed the PVA funnel web material was very soft, I tested it in my sink, tying in a few boilies and dropping them in the water, the melt down time was a few seconds, when I double bagged the break down time increased, a useful approach if fishing in slightly deeper water. The bags dissolve perfectly leaving no residue over the boilies or in the water. 

 PVA Trio Kit

There are various PVA micro mesh kits available that will cover almost any presentation you're looking for. I originally ordered one of the 'PVA MICRO MESH TRIO SYSTEMS' which consists of 7 meters of 22mm and 35mm funnel web and plunger, this system is perfect for boilies and stik mixes. The kit comes presented real tidy looking and fits well into any compartment of your tackle bag. It goes without saying since using it I have caught a lot of fish, I find I am not so sparing because it's real value for money. There are various different systems on sale, refills are sold separately which come in a smart little container that allows you to thread the PVA refill on to the loading tube with ease.

PVA Cord

PVA Solid Tape

I have always been a big fan of PVA cord and tape, it's great for stringers and also tying the tops of solid bags nice and tight. If I'm fishing with long hairs or rig rings I can either use the cord or the tape to tie the hair to the hook shank to prevent it tangling around the hook on the entry. This is a very simple and effective method that guarantees your bait will be sitting perfect on the lake bed. Again, both the tape and the cord melts clean and leaves no residue on the hook.

Bullet Bags

Solid Bags

For fans of solid bags you won't be disappointed, there's a wide selection to choose from including the new 'first of its kind' bullet bag that seals with a draw string. The aerodynamic shape makes it easy on a long chuck, I am yet to use these items but if they're as effective as the rest of the stuff, they're going to be great. The solid bags come in all different sizes.

PVA Nuggets

As I mentioned before, I am a massive fan of PVA nuggets, actually I don't know how I got on without them. I slip one on to the hook every cast, doing this gives me the confidence in knowing my hook point is clear of any debris once sitting on the deck. Also if you're fishing over silt, chod, leaves, broken down reed stems etc, the PVA nugget suspends the hook bait above the lake bed, it prevents the bait being pulled down into the debris. As the nugget breaks down the bait gently falls gently onto whatever you're fishing over. This is most effective when fishing pop ups over a troublesome bottom.

Translucent Weedy Tubing

 Rig Tubing 

Along with quality PVA products Carp Craze also do a lot of rig bits and end tackle. One item I am very impressed with is their tubing. I have been using Korda dark matter but have recently changed to Carp Craze translucent weed tubing. It goes very clear in the water, easy to thread the line through and responds very well to friction. Before using the tube if run your fingers along it creating a bit of friction, the heat straightens it out perfectly to ensure when you cast it out it isn't buckled in any way and sits nice and tight to the bottom.

Needles For Every Job And Shrink Tubing

Another product I am really impressed with are the baiting needles, there's a needle for every job. They're built well, slip through your hair loop perfectly without catching your hook link material. The little handles are hi viz so you won't be losing them in the grass and they're built very well so they're hard wearing. They come in packs of three or you can order them separately. There's so many to choose from, products in this range include, stik needles, needles with latches on, a mint looking stainless steel set and bait drill, the list goes on. 

The trio needle set includes a 'Maggot Ultra Fine Baiting Needle', 'Braid And Hard Bait Baiting Needle' and a 'Heavy Lip Close Bait Needle'. All quality products for such a great price. Their heat shrink tubing is also something I rate highly, I've had problems in the past with shrink tubing not shrinking down to the correct size or holding its shape. Carp Craze shrink tube is very understated, shrinks very well and holds its shape perfectly.

It goes without saying that I will be using Carp Craze PVA products from now on, I have given you a brief overview of some of the items they supply. If I was to write and review everything they do, it would be the longest blog post in history. Along with the few products I have mentioned they also supply ready made rigs, hooks, swivels, loads of different clips, Kryston braids and Klin-ic, lines, lead core, fishing tackle, bite alarms, imitation baits. The list really does go on, go and take a look for yourself you won't be disappointed, let me know how you get on. 

Carp Craze Quality