Monday, 3 September 2012

Burrows 'Another Five Hour Session'

Burrows is a lake that I visit at least once a week at the moment, hence the amount of blogs that I post about the water. It's a lake I love and feel I've really got it underneath my belt. There are a few known 30's swimming around and I will not stop until I bag one. 

I am finding my short sessions are very productive, I've found about 4 spots that I know I can catch from. Thinking back when I first started fishing the lake, I can't believe I use to blank so much, it goes to show that once you've worked your way into a water, you can continue to get results. The advantage of fishing once a week is the fact I can keep introducing my bait and it doesn't take long for the carp to get on it. 

On this trip I was fishing with Starmers Raspberry Ripple boilies on one rod and their Octospice on the other, both baits have done me good everywhere, I wanted to see if the Burrows carp would fall to 'The Ripple Effect'.

Chris Knowler had knocked me up a pretty interesting lead, I call it 'The UFO' because it's basically a round disc, it casts and enters the water like a dream, the finish blends in so well with the clay bottom. When it's flying through the air it does look like an unidentified flying object because I haven't come a cross a lead that looks like it before. 

I was fishing a blow-back rig on a fluorocarbon hook-link. In the past a few people have mentioned to me that they don't think the blow-back works properly on a straight through fluorocarbon hook-link, I'd like to clarify that it does and it's caught me a load of fish. One point to take into consideration is that I'm using a fluorocarbon material that has a very thin diameter, it literally goes invisible in the water. It's called Seaguar and it's my favourite hook-link material for sure, obviously it's not so great for snaggy situations.

UFO Lead Setup

And The Neat Looking Gripper Rig
As usual I put in a fair amount of bait on both of my spots, I was fishing the same far margin as I was on my last session, it's very much ignored. There isn't a great deal of overhanging features but it always looks carpy to me. After feeling around with a lead it's very clear without any bottom debris, I can sit confident knowing my rig presentation is perfect.

My Swim
The conditions were perfect, it was overcast with light rain. My first run came after about 45 minutes of the rods being out, the take was violent and the fish kited along the margin and then out to the middle of the lake, she was motoring along so fast, I tightened my clutch to try to put the breaks on. The fish came in close but kept on kiting really tight down to the right of me, I kept the pressure on and released line when she wanted it.

I had a feeling it was a decent fish because of the slow forceful plodding that was going on. Finally the fish surfaced, instantly I recognised the scales on her back, I'd caught this fish a few months back at 20IB 5.oz, I was curious to see if she had put any weight on. I eventually slid her over my net, scales sunk to 22IB 5oz, I was buzzing, the fish looked healthy and had gain 2IB 5oz over the past few months.

Falling To The Ripple Effect
Before re-casting I baited the swim back up with a good 60/70 baits, got the rod back out on the same spot and sat back to wait for the action. The rod had only been out for a short time before it went tearing off again. I lent into the fish and it started to take line, I could feel some grinding on my line and before I knew it ...... ping!, I got snapped off. I was on the rod really fast so I can only assume there was an under water snag very close to where I was fishing, I made a mental note of the spot and made sure I didn't cast right back on it. I added some more bait into the swim, re-rigged and got the rod back out. 

Control Station

Just as I'd slackened the line off the bobbin pretty much shot up in my hand. I hit into the fish and guided her my way, she was putting up a real scrap, she soon tired and I slipped a totally mint looking common over the net, possibly the cleanest fish I'd ever seen, scales sunk to 16IB 5oz.

A Spotless 16IB.5oz Common, The Reason Why I fish Burrows
I slipped her back, topped up my swim and got the rod straight back out. Again it was only a short time before my left hand rod ripped away, this fish started heading straight towards me, I was reeling in the slack line like crazy to make a solid contact. The fish topped and I could see it was a dark mirror, I slide her gently over my net, scales sunk to 13IB, they really were on my bait.

13Ib Burrows Mirror
It was getting close to leaving time, I was happy with my results, before packing up I got another take but unfortunately the fish slipped the hook, I am going to keep on doing my short sessions on Burrows, they're always productive and I know it's just a matter of time before I hook into something real special.

If I keep on introducing the bait and chipping away I feel my results will keep growing. I am really looking forward to fishing the lake in winter, I feel that's the time where I stand a chance of nailing a real beauty.